"Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He consecrated for us, through the veil, that is, His flesh"  Hebrews 10:19 & 20

God has made Himself known to man since the very beginning.  In the Genesis, the beginning, God walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden.  When they disobeyed, sin came into the world and caused separation between God and man.  The Bible teaches that the life of all flesh is blood, and  blood is the only atonement (reconciliation) for man's sin.  Without this reconciliation we would be separated from God in this life and the next.  But God loves His creation, and He will always make a way for us to know Him, to have fellowship with Him, to be with Him.  In Old Testament times, men were required to offer animal sacrifice for sin, and the shed blood made atonement for sin.  Along with the offering was an understanding that sin grieves God and causes separation, and man has never desired to be separated from his Creator.  Also, a veil separated man from God, they could see his glory and knew His power, but could not stand in His presence without being covered by the blood.   Man apart from God exists, he grabs for all he can get, takes whatever pleasures life has to offer, and then dies, facing the wrath of God.
Thank God for the New Testament!  Jesus is our full and final sacrifice for sin, and it is by His blood, shed for all mankind, that we enter into God's presence.  Hebrews chapter 10 reminds us that because of the sacrifice of Jesus, the God Man, the veil was torn and we can boldly enter the Holy of Holies.  The new and living way is Jesus!  He says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me"  (John 14:6)  Because He shed His blood on our behalf, we no longer need to offer animal sacrifices for remission of sin.  He consecrated (dedicated, made holy) Himself so that by faith in Him, we are reconciled with the Heavenly Father.  "therefore, having been justified by faith, we have made peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ"  Romans 5:1.  We also, by faith and obedience, become consecrated to Him and share with the world our testimony of His love and grace.  Talk about a win, win situation!  His holiness begets holiness in us, and when this life is over, we step into eternity with Him.  Friends, this is the gospel, the "good news" of Jesus.
Prayer for today:  God give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand your truth, in Jesus name I pray, Amen