Kettles - Bellringing Guidelines

salvationarmy_kettlebellRinging bells for the Christmas Kettle Program is a simple and effective way of making a difference in your community. In Lee County we have over 50 locations to choose from and all you have to do is find your preferred location and give us a call to schedule the date and time which are convenient for you.


palm_tree_xmasWhat you will find on our Kettle Location Page is a list of all of our sites. To the left of each site is the location number you will use to schedule your time and to the right of the location you will find the time frames each site is available from day to day. You will also find that 3 of our locations are scheduled through Kettle Coordinators. These are very generous volunteers who have agreed to look after the scheduling of these selected sites.

Please take a look at our Kettle Locations Page and then give Kathy a call at 239-278-1551 x 210 to schedule your date, time, and location.

Bell ringing guidelines

Please do:

  • Smile and make eye contact with all shoppers - greet people with hello, good morning, good evening, etc.
  • Stand near the kettle, keeping an eye on the kettle at all times.
  • If you need a break or to use the restroom, bring the kettle to the customer service desk and they will hold it for you until you are ready to resume ringing.
  • Be engaged and cheerful, this will help motivate shoppers to give.
  • Please wear professional or business casual attire.
  • Ring the bell gently and in a welcoming manner.
  • Be sure to avoid annoying non-stop hard bell ringing - understand that our merchants will be listening to the bell ringing for 19,520 hours this year so please be respectful
  • Wish everyone a Merry Christmas - thank donors with a “Merry Christmas” “Thank you for the kind gift” “We appreciate your generosity” “God Bless you” is also encouraged.
  • Most importantly, please sincerely thank everyone who contributes and be welcoming and polite to those who do not. You never know when your kindness will inspire them to make a donation.tree_for_web
  • Gift cards can be dropped directly in the kettle; slots have been cut in the kettle lids for this purpose.
  • Be sure to wear your volunteer badge. It assures people you are an official bell ringer. Plus, it might inspire others to volunteer.

We also ask that you please . . .

  • Do not smoke at the kettle.
  • Refrain from talking on your cell phone and do not text while ringing the bell.
  • Do not read books or magazines or eat while ringing bells.
  • If you’ve made a retail purchase at your location, please take the time to place your purchases in your vehicle prior to returning to the kettle.
  • Do not engage in conversations with friends.
  • Stand as much as possible…this tells our kettle donors that you are engaged and interested.
  • Do not play loud music from a portable stereo.
  • Play Christmas music only if you have permission from the store manager - and please keep the volume at reasonable levels.
  • Do not leave your kettle unattended.

NOTE: If at the end of your shift, the next volunteer or Route Supervisor isn’t there, you may leave your kettle at the Customer Service Desk and store the kettle stand. You will not need to wait past your scheduled time.

Thank you for helping The Salvation Army and for giving your time to help the less fortunate.

God bless you…