Faith is an Action

Faith is GOD at work

Faith-235Faith makes people behave in good ways. It gives confidence in trials. It helps them choose to do the right thing.

People of faith reach out and help others - not to get something back - but because that's what faith does. Your faith grows when you help others through The Salvation Army - and their faith grows as well.

Family Services - Meeting needs of a family to help them stay together. Defeating their fears. Giving them hope for better days.

Recovery - Touching lives held captive by addictions and related problems. Bringing God's healing love into troubled lives.

Emergency Assistance - Being there when a disaster strikes, or an eviction, or an empty cupboard. The faith of a family grows whe your help arrives.

Put your faith into action today - by sending a gift to help change lives of needy neighbors.

If you need assistance, contact our Family Services Office at (239) 334-3745.

If you would like to volunteer, contact Kris Volpone at (239) 278-1551, x219.

If you would like to make a donation, contact Community Development at (239) 278-1551, x210, or donate online.

Faith grows... Faith acts... Faith moves... Faith changes behavior