Financial Accountability

The Salvation Army is an effective organization because of its strong partnership with donors and volunteers. The basis for this partnership is rooted in confidence and trust, something hard to come by at a time when the misappropriation of funds is a common occurrence.

In order to earn this trust, The Salvation Army assures its donors:

1. To keep the overhead low, ensuring that your money supports change in the community (Follow this link to a list of salaries paid to executives at 100 top charities - prepared by Chronicles of Philanthropy in November 2013. Search for Salvation Army and compare.)
2. Transparent spending, ensuring that you, the donor, can see where the money is going

Our national annual report is available online at


The Salvation Army highly respects your privacy as a donor. For this reason we do not rent, sell, or exchange our donor mailing list.















 About Us

90¢ of every dollar raised by the Lee, Hendry, Glades Counties Command is used to sustain life-changing programs that bring hope to hurting souls.

The Salvation Army assists more than 33 million individuals throughout the year in the United States – over 6 million of those during the holiday season alone.

What Others Are Saying

Executive Compensation - what do top officials make at charities?
Scroll through the list researched by The Chronicle of Philanthropy and find The Salvation Army. This list confirms that your donations to The Salvation Army go to programs and services, not to bloated executive salaries.
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
November 16, 2013

"One of the top 10 charities that that gives supporters more bang for their buck."
Forbes Magazine,
December 2003

The Salvation Army is “America’s favorite and most trusted charity” according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy


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